Blame Canada

It's Only The Natural Thing

Ross Patrol
Age:       30
Gender:  Male
Hair:      Brown
Eyes:      Hazel
Height:    5'10"

richter_belmont is rumored to be an eccentric videogame collector, who is also fond of art, animation, and the 1980's. Suspect should be considered armed and harmless- he is known to carry an NES Zapper. Approach only with extreme coolness.

Top 100 Nanostray Worldranking Players

Pilot Name: Rossmeister

Championship Score: 4,485,377

Current World Rank: #68 of 1,682

Current U.S. Rank: #17 of 757
.hack, 80's music, a-team, adult swim, angelica kauffmann, animal crossing, anime, anything carbonated, aqua teen hunger force, art, ayami kojima, b-univ, baseball, beef jerky, brak, buffy the vampire slayer, camping out, captain n, castlevania, cereal, cherry coke, childhood, cindy sherman, creative writing, cyberpunk, death cab for cutie, depression, doobie brothers, drawing, dream and friends, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, f. scott fitzgerald, famicom, family guy, fearofablackhat, final fantasy, flcl, gianlorenzo bernini, gina, grosse pointe blank, hideo kojima, horror movies, indiana jones, irony, koji kondo, l. frank baum, lord of the rings, magic: the gathering, mario, marvel comics, mcmanus brothers, metal gear, methodist, metroid, miami vice, michael jackson, mountain dew baja blast, mountain dew pitch black, mst3k, napoleon dynamite, nes, norah jones, outlaw star, pepsi blue, phantasy star online, pointer sisters, policenauts, procrastination, puns, rainy days, raphael, red fusion, reese's, relic hunter, ren & stimpy, renaissance art, robert frost, sandro botticelli, saturday night live, seanbaby, shigeru miyamoto, smashing pumpkins, snatcher, sofonisba anguissola, sonic the hedgehog, soul calibur, star wars, steel angel kurumi, steely dan, super smash brothers, survival horror, sushi, tad ghostal, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terminator, the impostors, the matrix, trigun, unrequited love, urban legends, videogames, wizard of oz, work mischief, x-files, x-men, yoshitaka amano, yuzo koshiro, zelda, zombies