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Video Roundup

Seeing this makes me very happy! It's pretty funny that the video was filmed and uploaded by Freakservo too. I hope it will see release one day, but for now, I'm just glad that it exists, there's a private dump, and video footage has been uploaded to YouTube and GI. Personally, I predict the Crazy Otto ROM will be on the internet within a year.

Don't judge people too harshly when they make mistakes. After all, they may be suffering from diarrhea. A LOT OF DIARRHEA, even.
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Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?

Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

Cats, especially kittens. I like dogs too... really, I should probably like them more, because they are more loyal. A well-behaved dog is a pleasant companion. I hate how many dogs want to jump all over you though, and that gives cats the decisive overall edge. It really irritates me to be jumped on, especially if the dog has dirty paws.

I like docile cats, fluffy ones that want to curl up in your lap and let you pet them while they fall asleep. It's also fun to play with cats, because they have such peculiar reactions.    :3
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Valentines To Go

Valentines were dropped off in the mail last night, so if you asked for one, you should get it courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service pretty soon.

Also, here's a question for you: If you play video games online, what are some games you feel have or had bad problems with "griefers" (I.E. people who simply try to ruin the experience for others)? Feel free to vent with your experiences.
Today's Special


If you want a valentine, reply with your address. (Screening is enabled.) I'll probably send them out tomorrow. If you read this after tomorrow and don't mind getting one a little late though, no big deal.
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February Fervor

Looks like I let over a month go by again. Oh well. I had a lot going on in the first half of January. Some random thoughts...

* My car is 5 years old as of early December 2009, and is also paid off! I got the title in the mail, in fact.    :D

* My LJ is 6 years old as of late December 2009.

* Had a great Christmas in Alabama. Got Ghostbusters: The Game for Xbox 360 (which I have really, really wanted), as well some gift cards and other stuff. I used my Best Buy gift card to get Raiden IV and my GameStop gift card to get some older PS2/360 games like Blazing Angels.

* Alabama won the SEC Championship and the Saints won the Super Bowl. Both teams that I wanted to win, hooray!

* Played Chromehounds over the holidays before the servers went down in January, and managed to earn over half the Achievement points. Not too shabby.

* Made it in The Mob on 1 vs. 100 Live. I was in The Mob once in Season 1, and now again in Season 2. I got eliminated in Season 1, but didn't miss a single question this time. Sadly, no prizes, since The One cashed out once he got us down to 11 and saw it was an uphill battle. However, I did earn special icons on my profile that show I was a Top 100 player and a Mob member.

* Have been playing Portal lately. I decided it's time that I catch up with the rest of the internet circa 2007/2008. Finally finished the save I started in 12/08... completed the game and the advanced challenge rooms.

Christmas 2009

I suppose it's about time for another update. It's pretty funny... I still have Santa Richter on my list of avatars. I never bothered to replace him with a new icon this year, which I guess says a lot about how much I use LJ compared to the past.

My car was completely paid off as of this month, and is now 5 years old as of December 4th or 5th. Happy belated birthday, Sophia the Cav! My LJ will also be exactly 6 years old in four days, so happy EARLY birthday, Ross's LiveJournal.

Well, Christmastime is upon us once again. It will be time for presents and food in just a matter of hours! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas...
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Today's Special

Writer's Block: Reminiscing about the Internet

Do you remember the things you did when you first started using the Web and how it has changed your life?
Good question- I don't usually do these, but that's actually quite a story. My family got our first computer when I was 11 or 12, in 1992. It was when I was still living in Massachusetts.

I asked my parents if we could get a computer. Money was a bit tight, so my mom made a deal with me. She said if I could find a decent computer for under $200, they would buy it. That was kind of a tall order, especially for an 11-year old. Not to mention this was eons before things like Craigslist.

At that time, I don't really even remember any of my classmates I was close enough friends with to go over to their house even HAVING internet. I had one friend who presumably had a computer (he had a Commodore monitor he used to play console games on) but I never actually saw it. If they did, only his parents used it.

I was undaunted though. I watched the sale papers week after week. Most of the computers weren't anywhere close to $200. Yet finally, I found one for $199. It wasn't exactly bleeding-edge. But it was a COMPUTER!

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They Live

I want to get this movie on DVD. It's one of those awesomely creepy concepts that really lingers in your mind.

For example... I wear sunglasses all the time. This particular pair is polarized, so it reveals other polarized objects in beautiful, iridescent patterns. That always makes me think of They Live.

Not to mention it's pretty funny that Duke Nukem totally lifted one of his most famous lines from Roddy Piper.
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