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Happy New Year!

Happy 2011, LJ peeps!    :D

What did you guys do? I thought about going to a party a fellow from church was hosting... but I didn't really feel like getting out, so I decided to stay at home, eat junk food, play Xbox 360, and watch Red Eye's New Years' Special instead.

You know, 2010 was tough, because I was trying to get out from under the shadow of being unemployed. That's why this year, my New Year's resolution for 2011 is to be successful- financially, and romantically too. I broke the cycle of being unemployed, so my next goals are to get a less expensive place, pay off my debts, and be prosperous. I'm planning on using at least part of my tax refund to pay down my credit cards.

I also want to be in a serious relationship with someone really special in 2011- the much harder of the two goals, really. Being in debt sucks, but opportunities to make money eventually present themselves. Relationships are much trickier. If you work, you get a paycheck. It's as simple as that. You can put all kinds of time, thought, and energy into a relationship though, with essentially nothing to show for it in the end.

I digress though. Have a good 1/1/11, dudes and dudettes. It's a new year, and a fresh start.
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