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Hello, LiveJournal. I don't stop by much anymore. I used to try to post at least once a month, but I guess it's just too depressing. One of my earliest friends on here (gloompixie) deleted her LJ since my last posting, and I logged in today to discover that another longtime friend (mia_d) closed her journal as well.

I'd estimate only around a tenth of my friends' list still updates regularly. Reviewing the year's posts, even when I DID post, my posts as often as not would go uncommented. Sometimes cold, hard statistical facts really put things in perspective.

I miss the zany shenanigans of yesteryear, but like all things, nothing lasts forever. People change, the internet evolves, and friends go separate ways. Nonetheless, I'm glad I was able to experience LiveJournal in its heyday. I met some interesting people on here, some of whom I went on to meet IRL and become better friends with. Hopefully, most of the memories will stick around, unless everyone purges their journals.

Anyway, this month is notable because my LiveJournal turns 7 around Christmas... without looking, I think the 23rd. SOPHIA is also 6 years old now, and has been paid off for a year. Aside from the occasional scratch and ding (mostly through no fault of my own- with one exception), she still looks pretty nice overall too.

You know, I guess it was kind of nice to come back and post again. There's something a bit homey about LiveJournal. Maybe I'll update a few more times for December, for old times' sake. You can post entries as long as you want, with pictures, videos, or whatever goodies you feel like, without character restrictions (*cough*FACEBOOKANDTWITTER*cough* AHEM).

Facebook is nice because everyone is on it now, but it's just so sterile. Hospital white. You still can't even choose from preset themes! A little color wouldn't kill you, Zuckerberg- I promise. Customization is near zero besides your picture, and some people even get bent out of shape or confused by image memes.

Speaking of defunct websites with far better customization... hah. Poor MySpace. It used to be a fun website, but has long since been eclipsed by Facebook. It's mostly only good now for its original purpose- watching tumbleweeds roll by checking out band pages. The marginalization seems even worse considering that over the last year or two they have increasingly copied the feel of Facebook and Twitter. Nothing like homogenization to fix the problem, right? C'est la vie. There is some buzz about "The NEW MySpace" (or, uh... My____, if you will... hmm.), but call me crazy if I'm skeptical.
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