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Greetings, mortal...

Hey LiveJournal. How are you? I was on, so I thought I'd say hi.

The media blathers on about the failed NYC bombing... scary, yes, but only due to what might have been... and to a lesser extent, the devastating flooding back in the TN/MS/AL area where people actually died. One of my friends pointed this out on Facebook, and I have to agree- the priority of news coverage is disappointing.

On a lighter note, Cinco de Mayo is coming up. Time for Mexican food, maybe even a good margarita! Me gusta tacos mucho!
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People tend to worry about what could happen, as opposed to what has happened. I'll admit I'm pretty guilty of this at times too.
Hmm, good point. Now that you mention it, "the one that got away" is a key component of a lot of urban legends, even. I suppose almost-tragedies are a lot more frightening... for those still alive, anyway!    ;)