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Play it once, LJ. For old times' sake. [Jul. 19th, 2012|06:00 am]
Ross Patrol
[Parameter |sadsad]
[Battle Theme |Just the gentle whir of my laptop.]

It's been over a year since I last updated. I've logged in once in awhile since last June, but I just never feel like posting anything. I always feel like I need to do a big summary of what's been going on since the last time I posted. I'm just going to do a short one so I actually post something this time.

In a nutshell, the last time I posted, I had recently moved from Houston to Conroe, TX, and been in in my new house for a couple of months. I worked at a store called Conn's for awhile until I got a job (briefly) with Activision. I cut back my hours at Conn's after that, and eventually left. Shortly thereafter, I got my old gig back as a PlayStation Rep, except I was in the Spring, TX Best Buy instead of the Houston (Northwest Crossing), TX Best Buy. In November, I was able to get the laptop I am now posting from thanks to a 2011 Best Buy Black Friday sale. In April, my contract ended again with Sony, and I moved back home. I've been back in Alabama ever since. It's been nice being with my family and friends back home again after being far away for the last 4 years. I just had a great birthday a few days ago. And now, I'm working on my next move.

Logging into LJ is always sad, but it just keeps getting sadder. It seems like another friend disappears every time I log in. Granted, MUCH longer periods of time go by now between logins... especially compared to back when I used this thing on a daily basis... but back then, losing a friend was a shocking and extremely seldom occurrence. Now, it's virtually expected. It may eventually reach a point where I don't lose friends anymore simply because they've all forgotten or abandoned their journals. A true internet ghost town.

In fact, I think besides my Russian friends, Jesso may very well be the only one of my friends who still updates. (So, hi Jesso! ;] ) Well, at least as far as I can tell. LiveJournal seems dedicated to gradually REMOVING features. The timeline used to go as far back as you felt like going. At least, I think... it's been so long. Then, IIRC, it went to the last 100 entries, and then 40, 20.... now you can't even go BACK in the timeline. I can't see anything before 10 days ago. It's frustrating, and demotivating. I don't know what LJ is thinking anymore. Maybe it saves on server costs. Who knows. Maybe they don't care anymore. Perhaps a day is coming sooner than later when LJ shuts down, and all these journals and memories vanish anyway, fragments only living on in the sterile vacuum of the Wayback Machine.

Ok, that's not entirely fair. The site does look a little prettier, and it can autosave your drafts. But it's just so lonely, I'm not sure it really matters anymore. I noticed today that my longtime friend (capitall) deleted his journal recently. It hasn't been purged yet, but... I doubt he's going to change his mind. It really cuts to the quick, because not only is capitall a very longtime friend IRL (predating LiveJournal by many years), but he was my first friend on LiveJournal.

He and Marysia were my first two friends. (Marysia was his girlfriend/fiance.) They were actually my ONLY two friends when I started LiveJournal. I started this journal because I wanted to be friends with them on here, and I thought it would be fun. Now they are both gone. Draw your own conclusions regarding the fun. Well, technically, I'm not completely sure Marysia is gone. Her journal still exists, but it's friends-only, so it's anyone's guess if she still updates. Regardless... ok, I'll say it... sadly, even... we are no longer friends. It's a long story. Let's just say they didn't get married and leave it at that.

I guess people delete their journals because it's an era of their life that, despite the friendships, interesting conversations, and funny things we shared, some people would sooner forget than remember. Too many memories of times long gone... people who moved on, or outgrew each other... the lingering musings of "foolish youth." Sometimes maybe the painfulness of it all outweighs the joy.

Even my own journal is worn from neglect. I haven't updated my bio since 2010. The link to my portfolio has been dead for a long time now. I don't even remember the last time I used my online portfolio. My page background (Snatcher) and a number of old pictures were hosted on the same webspace that hosted my portfolio, and they're all gone too. Granted, I still have that stuff on my old hard drive. But using a new background seems wrong... like breaking a tradition... and finding a new server for my old stuff makes me feel sad too. I know, I'm too sentimental. I have poignant feelings for JPGs. Old journals. Dying websites. The absurdity is not lost on the logical part of my brain. It isn't really about that though- it's about the reluctancy to let go. Growing older sure does suck.    :P

That said, I don't plan on deleting my journal- at least not anytime soon. For years, I've had this goal that I would celebrate my 10th anniversary on LiveJournal. That goal is not far away. I started this LiveJournal in December 2003, so I now have less than 1.5 years to go. It may be an empty victory when I get there. A zero-comment "Ross was here." But perhaps all it really means is that it's a REAL journal- one that only I read. The camaraderie may be gone, but the thoughts are no less significant.

(P.S. I guess that wasn't so short after all. Haha. Well, the summary was, for a year's worth of my life. The rest was just current contemplations. Getting started is always the hardest part!)
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Be My Valentine...? [Feb. 14th, 2011|12:10 pm]
Ross Patrol
[Parameter |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[Battle Theme |How Much I Feel - Ambrosia]

Happy Valentine's Day, LJ Friends!
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Happy New Year! [Jan. 1st, 2011|04:48 am]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, ]
[Parameter |chipperchipper]
[Battle Theme |Telephone - (Lady Gaga)]

Happy 2011, LJ peeps!    :D

What did you guys do? I thought about going to a party a fellow from church was hosting... but I didn't really feel like getting out, so I decided to stay at home, eat junk food, play Xbox 360, and watch Red Eye's New Years' Special instead.

You know, 2010 was tough, because I was trying to get out from under the shadow of being unemployed. That's why this year, my New Year's resolution for 2011 is to be successful- financially, and romantically too. I broke the cycle of being unemployed, so my next goals are to get a less expensive place, pay off my debts, and be prosperous. I'm planning on using at least part of my tax refund to pay down my credit cards.

I also want to be in a serious relationship with someone really special in 2011- the much harder of the two goals, really. Being in debt sucks, but opportunities to make money eventually present themselves. Relationships are much trickier. If you work, you get a paycheck. It's as simple as that. You can put all kinds of time, thought, and energy into a relationship though, with essentially nothing to show for it in the end.

I digress though. Have a good 1/1/11, dudes and dudettes. It's a new year, and a fresh start.
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Not-So-LiveJournal [Dec. 9th, 2010|05:27 pm]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, , , ]
[Parameter |sadsad]
[Battle Theme |Day Tripper - (The Beatles)]

Hello, LiveJournal. I don't stop by much anymore. I used to try to post at least once a month, but I guess it's just too depressing. One of my earliest friends on here (gloompixie) deleted her LJ since my last posting, and I logged in today to discover that another longtime friend (mia_d) closed her journal as well.

I'd estimate only around a tenth of my friends' list still updates regularly. Reviewing the year's posts, even when I DID post, my posts as often as not would go uncommented. Sometimes cold, hard statistical facts really put things in perspective.

I miss the zany shenanigans of yesteryear, but like all things, nothing lasts forever. People change, the internet evolves, and friends go separate ways. Nonetheless, I'm glad I was able to experience LiveJournal in its heyday. I met some interesting people on here, some of whom I went on to meet IRL and become better friends with. Hopefully, most of the memories will stick around, unless everyone purges their journals.

Anyway, this month is notable because my LiveJournal turns 7 around Christmas... without looking, I think the 23rd. SOPHIA is also 6 years old now, and has been paid off for a year. Aside from the occasional scratch and ding (mostly through no fault of my own- with one exception), she still looks pretty nice overall too.

You know, I guess it was kind of nice to come back and post again. There's something a bit homey about LiveJournal. Maybe I'll update a few more times for December, for old times' sake. You can post entries as long as you want, with pictures, videos, or whatever goodies you feel like, without character restrictions (*cough*FACEBOOKANDTWITTER*cough* AHEM).

Facebook is nice because everyone is on it now, but it's just so sterile. Hospital white. You still can't even choose from preset themes! A little color wouldn't kill you, Zuckerberg- I promise. Customization is near zero besides your picture, and some people even get bent out of shape or confused by image memes.

Speaking of defunct websites with far better customization... hah. Poor MySpace. It used to be a fun website, but has long since been eclipsed by Facebook. It's mostly only good now for its original purpose- watching tumbleweeds roll by checking out band pages. The marginalization seems even worse considering that over the last year or two they have increasingly copied the feel of Facebook and Twitter. Nothing like homogenization to fix the problem, right? C'est la vie. There is some buzz about "The NEW MySpace" (or, uh... My____, if you will... hmm.), but call me crazy if I'm skeptical.
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Antoine Dodson [Jul. 31st, 2010|03:17 am]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, ]
[Parameter |amusedamused]
[Battle Theme |Lido Shuffle - (Boz Scaggs)]

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Birthday Bonanza [Jul. 18th, 2010|03:00 pm]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, , , ]
[Parameter |thirstythirsty]
[Battle Theme |Everybody Have Fun Tonight - (Wang Chung)]

'Twas a good birthday. Chinese food, lots of calls/texts/IMs/comments from friends (well, lots of comments on FACEBOOK, anyway), and I got Soul Calibur IV and Qubed for Xbox 360. I've been told at least one more present is in the mail as well. Oh, and of course... cake! Good times.
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Get out of the city! [May. 20th, 2010|03:31 am]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, ]
[Parameter |sadsad]
[Battle Theme |I Would Do Anything For Love - (Meatloaf)]

Life is still a bummer, but forget life... let's LJ party like old times and watch videos instead!

I loved Perfect Strangers when I was a kid. Family Matters could be pretty funny too, though it seems like it was on the air for quite a long time. I had almost forgotten that Family Matters was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers...
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The rain pours on Houston, grey and cool... [May. 18th, 2010|04:17 am]
Ross Patrol
[Parameter |depresseddepressed]
[Battle Theme |Go Your Own Way - (Fleetwood Mac)]

So nobody defriended me or purged their journal today? Seems like the kind of day something like that should happen. Things have been bad enough, I guess I shouldn't tempt the fates...
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Greetings, mortal... [May. 4th, 2010|05:36 am]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, ]
[Parameter |awake]
[Battle Theme |Rhiannon - (Fleetwood Mac)]

Hey LiveJournal. How are you? I was on, so I thought I'd say hi.

The media blathers on about the failed NYC bombing... scary, yes, but only due to what might have been... and to a lesser extent, the devastating flooding back in the TN/MS/AL area where people actually died. One of my friends pointed this out on Facebook, and I have to agree- the priority of news coverage is disappointing.

On a lighter note, Cinco de Mayo is coming up. Time for Mexican food, maybe even a good margarita! Me gusta tacos mucho!
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Burrito Dreams [Apr. 24th, 2010|04:43 pm]
Ross Patrol
[Tags|, ]
[Parameter |sillysilly]
[Battle Theme |Landslide - (Fleetwood Mac)]

I want to try the fajitas at Stevie Nicks' RESSSAURANT!
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